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The head of the 2nd municipal district, Leopoldstadt, Alexander Nikolai, said Vienna was ready for a possible emergency in the electricity supply.

Source: Tanjug


Namely, the Austrian media have been writing for months about the increased danger of prolonged power outages.

The municipality he leads was recently affected by a brief power outage, which affected several thousand homes, as well as the stadium where the Austrian football team was to play.

Nikolai says there is a big difference between a blackout and a blackout.

“We have already had network interruptions. This can happen from time to time, for example due to damage to the network during work or due to overload. As long as the fault can be quickly found and repaired, it is good.” he said.

Nikolai says that there is a lot of talk about a blackout and that given the current situation of the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis, it must be taken into account and appropriate preparations must be made.

That is why, he notes, it is not out of place to have a few liters of water in reserve in the apartment, as well as canned food, and of course, a battery-operated radio, which the Austrians advise he, should tune to the ” Station Oe3″, by which the authorities, in the event of an accident, will inform the citizens.

He also reminds that in the event of a power failure, the ATMs will not work, so it would be desirable to have some cash at home. However, he is convinced that the electricity supply to Austria and Vienna will always be assured.

Nikolai points out that in Vienna citizens will not have water problems, because the pressure in the water supply system is such that water will reach households even when there is no electricity. He stressed that in Vienna, as well as in the municipality he leads, all necessary preparations have been made, in particular in order to relieve citizens of fear.

“We held trainings in the municipality, which were organized by firefighters, members of the police and members of the crisis unit,” Nikolai added. Asked how Vienna is handling the current energy crisis, Nikolai said the advantage of the Austrian capital is that the government, led by Mayor Michael Ludwig, leaves nothing to chance.

He pointed out that the city has been implementing various activities for a long time in order to save energy, for example, through the rehabilitation of buildings and the execution of works, in order to reduce energy consumption and waste.

“It’s important to think long-term,” Nikolai stressed.

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