The FM radio station is set to launch on September 8

Dimapur, September 4 (EMN): 90.8 Hills FM radio station, one of the first community radio stations, is set to launch on September 8.

In this regard, YouthNet Career Development Center (YCDC) organized a one-day training program for the staff of 90.8 Hills FM on September 2 at Senti Hotel, Dimapur.

Speaking at the training, Imali Hesso, general manager of the radio station, said the training was a much needed program for team building purposes, which would benefit everyone in the company, said an update from the organizers.

Tsepila Zhimomi, YouthNet’s manager for training and talent management, informed that the program was specifically designed for professionalism in the workplace. Zhimomi argued that everyone must continually develop soft skills for all aspects of life. She explained how each member could play an important role in any organization and business, and how each should complement each other.

Razouvikhol Luho, Business Development and Corporate Communications Manager of YouthNet, spoke about developing professional skills in the workplace. Luho maintained that each individual and staff member is a leader in their own capacity, regardless of job designation. He emphasized the importance of communication skills.

He indicated that the session was divided into two segments where upgrading professional skills, communication skills, leadership skills and the importance of teamwork were taught, in addition to skills-building activities. crew.

Yogen Chettri, a radio jockey, remarked that the training was concise and well organized by knowledgeable and experienced instructors, while Senti, a content writer, shared that the program was informative.

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