The Athletic declares Bernstein & Holmes best radio show in Chicago

Don LaGreca absolutely blasted a caller on Monday afternoon when it was suggested that The Michael Kay Show co-host would be nothing without the show’s namesake. He listed a number of accomplishments that have nothing to do with his partnership with Kay, including his time at WFAN, his radio work for the Jets and Rangers, his children, his hair, his loyalty to his friends. and his driving prowess.

Tuesday morning, the cast of Dan Le Batard’s show with Stugotz listened to and marveled at the diatribe. Stugoz called him a “classic Don”.

“I want to have him as a friend and I envy his hairline,” joked Mike Ryan Ruiz.

Le Batard saw it a little differently. It may be classic Don LaGreca, but listeners have never heard a list of grievances like the one listed Monday afternoon on ESPN 98.7 in New York.

“This is the first I’ve heard of an outrage that spans his entire resume as a human being on things that are good for him that have nothing to do with Michael Kay,” he said. he declared. “And I have to be honest. That’s a pretty limited list, no matter how angry you get.

The rant inspired one of the show’s daily polls: “If ‘good driver’ is fourth on your list of positive things about yourself, is your list limited?”

Dan Le Batard has always been quick to denounce the absurdity and sometimes the toxicity of the anger of sports radio. He said in a limited capacity though, it can be perfect entertainment and Don LaGreca delivered.

“You want this for a decade. You don’t want this for a year, but I’m gonna take a minute of poisonous, messy, unreasonable anger.

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