Rollins College radio station WPRK hosts Fox Fest with headliner Kaelin Ellis next month | Choice of live music + previews | Orlando

Rollins College is hosting the annual Fox Fest outdoor concert next month to celebrate the school’s radio station’s 70th anniversary WPRK’s 91.5 FM.

WPRK, aka the “voice of Rollins College” (or “the best basement radio” for those who’ve been listening for a while) has been broadcasting music and community programs since 1952. The student-run radio station organizes its annual Fox Fest on Bush Lawn at Rollins College with a stacked lineup of local and regional musicians.

Fox Fest — named after the Rollins’ annual tradition where a fox statue appears on campus and therefore classes are canceled for the day — has been held for years as a free celebration for students and the community at large.

This year’s lineup includes DJ V, host of WPRK’s “Whatever Wednesday,” hyper-pop artist Anthony Argos, the Orlando Twin Suns and Miami dream-pop band Palomino Blond. Multi-platinum (and Florida-based!) multi-instrumentalist and producer Kaelin Ellis will headline.

Food trucks and local vendors are also ready to display at the event, with a little something for everyone. Some of the vendors include Kickbright Shop & Buttons, Wrigglebrew, Jeff Goldblum Art, and handmade jewelry from always4ever.

Fox Fest is free for Rollins students and staff and $10 for the rest of us. It all happens Saturday, November 5 at 6 p.m. You can buy a ticket in advance from Eventbrite.

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