Radio show founder wants Evan Montvel-Cohen to receive ‘longest sentence’ of jail | News

Evan Montvel-Cohen, former president of digital marketing agency C2 Social, is preparing to sue in Guam District Court in August 2021 to respond to a plea deal on an aggravated identity theft charge.

The founding president of Air America Radio asks a federal judge to imprison Evan Montvel-Cohen for the “longest authorized duration”.

In a letter to Chief Justice Frances Tydingco-Gatewood, Jon Sinton explained that he met Montvel-Cohen in 2003 when Montvel-Cohen offered to help fund Sinton’s Air America radio.

“His story was compelling: brain cancer and subsequent treatments had nearly killed him, and after this existential crisis he was devoting his life and fortune to making the world a better place,” Sinton wrote.

However, Sinton wrote that he had no idea Montvel-Cohen funded the radio show with money stolen from the nonprofit Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, prompting Air America to file the balance sheet and find investors who would repay the stolen money.

Additionally, Montvel-Cohen rented radio stations to carry the program but was unable to pay the owners.

“The landlords wanted their rents, and so, relying on his now well-known ploy of sympathy for a health crisis, Montvel-Cohen said a recurrence of brain cancer had made him too ill to deal with its obligations,” Sinton said.


Montvel-Cohen pleaded guilty to charges related to impersonating an individual known to him and attempting to acquire real estate, according to PDN records.

He is expected to be sentenced in May for using identification for fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years, and bank fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years.

Sinton joins Montvel-Cohen’s family members and former colleagues in asking Tydingco-Gatewood for the maximum sentence.

“I am happy to add my voice to those of his ex-wife, his son, Charles Rosen and others whom he has harmed – sometimes beyond repair – in the hope that you will imprison him for the longer duration allowed and thus remove him from the general population and his ability to defraud others.

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