New direction for the municipal radio

The local Andover radio station and newspaper have a new boss.

Ben Tuffin has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Andover Radio Limited. The company owns and operates Love Andover, Andover Radio and the Love Andover Observer newspaper.

Starting today (January 31, 2022), the 34-year-old will lead the community organization into its “bright new future” which includes more digital media and local business partnerships.

Ben, 34, replaces founder David Harber who moves to a non-executive chairman role.

Ben will now oversee the company’s brand profile, which includes the many existing ‘Love Andover’ platforms and the hugely successful Love Andover Observer newspaper. He will also guide the company’s new digital media direction.

Well said, “We recently created and managed the most engaging events in town, and it’s all thanks to our incredible team of volunteers and committed management team.

“We already reach tens of thousands of Andoverians each week across all media and I am truly looking forward to expanding the exciting new opportunities in the business.”

Andover Radio was launched in 2016 and remains a non-profit organization with a broadcasting license from the UK Government’s Office of Communications (Ofcom).

Since Ben officially joined the company’s board of directors in 2019, the organization has become the city’s largest provider of major events and the largest advertising medium for local businesses, using traditional radio, print, outdoor and online media.

Since Ben’s appointment, Andover Radio has won four major national community sector awards.

Prior to its official on-air launch, Andover Radio orchestrated the landing of an Apache helicopter in Vigo Park for Armed Forces Day. He organized the huge event for the three years before the Covid restrictions. He has since launched the Love Andover Observer newspaper.

Ben recently helped launch the Andover Inspiration Awards. Nominations are invited by clicking here.

Helping to build a stronger alliance with the city’s Business Improvement District Society, Ben has worked to build a strong relationship with local SMEs (small and medium enterprises) through Andover Radio’s management of newspapers, radio, websites, social media and 48 sheets. sheet display panels.

Outgoing Managing Director David Harber says: “I love Ben, his creative thinking – and his funny mustache. He’s been with the company since the very beginning and his growing influence has been felt throughout the organization and in the city.

“Ben is a perfect fit for this role because he lives and breathes the city. As we all navigate the challenging business environment in which we work, Ben’s knowledge and skills will be essential for our listeners, readers and stakeholders.

David Harber who remains a director of the company adds, “Ben may be a ‘red’… he’s a Liverpool supporter, against my Chelsea blue colours, but…

“If you cut it in half like a stick of rock from Blackpool, it will show the pink words ‘Love Andover’.

“I’m just hoping for a Cup win for Chelsea on February 27.”

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