NATHASSIA talks about her hit radio show “Goddess Is A DJ”, her debut and her future plans

Talented DJ and music producer NATHASSIA has been delighting her followers with constant powerful releases and energetic mixes on her weekly radio show “Goddess Is A DJ”, the show now reaches over 31 countries worldwide, attracting attention of millions of listeners and the number continues to grow with each episode.

We sat down with NATHASSIA to ask her questions about the show, how it started and what she would like to accomplish in the future. Here is what she said.

Hello NATHASSIA, how are you?

It’s ok, thanks for asking

‘Goddess Is A DJ’ got a lot of attention from listeners around the world, what was your initial idea behind the radio show?

It all started in the early stages of lockdown when I was determined to find a new way to livestream to my lovely fans around the world. I created my very first mix and named it Goddess Is A DJ and on the 4th mix I was asked to be a guest on the Hands In The Air radio show. It turned out to be a success and from there I started my own regular radio show for the EDM Festival Channel on DI.FM. So what turned out to be an idea to create mixes for my fans turned into something I never would have thought of.

How do you think the series has evolved from the first episodes until now?

The first episodes were made on my old Pioneer CDJs, things moved at a rapid pace so I had to quickly upgrade to a Denon Prime 4 and now I have several million weekly listeners to the show. It broadcasts on about 60 radio stations in 31 countries around the world. The show is an ever-evolving creative process with growing production, but I love everything about it.

What have you discovered or learned while mixing for your own radio show?

I’ve learned how to quickly find the best new tracks from all outlets and platforms that inspire me while managing the large volume of track submissions from labels and producers, which is where every show begins. I learned different mixing styles depending on the vibe of the show and the suitability of beats and keys. Finally, there have been many discoveries about the creation and placement of jingles, speeches and shouts.

Are there any differences between mixing for a live performance and mixing for ‘Goddess Is A DJ’?

Yes there are, for live shows I choose the tracks from my radio show that I think will best suit the crowd, the tracks tend to be shorter and I often add a mashup. I also add additional instruments like synths or percussion and sing my own songs live.

Who would you like to invite as a guest DJ on your radio show?

It would have to be one of the Dutch idols from my hometown, like Don Diablo.

Favorite episodes so far?

Ooh a tough question, but probably a recent episode 064 as it was a Miami Special, and it brings back some amazing memories of South Beach and the Ultra music festival.

What inspires you to create new mixes for each episode of “Goddess Is A DJ”?

Knowing that I will have so many regular listeners and fans to interact with, it’s very exciting to create a good radio show that people want to dance to!

How is the process of selecting mixes for the show? Has this changed lately?

The main difference now is that it takes longer to organize the show because I get so many tracks from DJs, labels and producers and I like to make sure I haven’t missed anything!

What new milestones would you like to reach with the radio show?

I look forward to reaching the 100th show later this year, which for me is a big milestone.

What would you like to say to ‘Goddess Is A DJ’ followers?

A big thank you to each of you for listening and participating in the show.

To listen ‘The Goddess is a DJ’ here


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