Middlemore braces as winter woes hit

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Pierre Veschaffelt

Dr Andrew Connolly: Middlemore braces as winter woes hit

Middlemore Hospital is pushed to its limits as the winter rush arrives early.

Manukau Counties Chief Medical Officer Andrew Connolly said wards were overflowing and people had to lie down in the hallways.

Nursing staff are asked to work inside them where they are not usually to provide essential care.

He says there is a combination of diseases.

“We are seeing a small amount of Covid still requiring hospital admission. We’re seeing flu and other winter-type illnesses, but we’re also only seeing high volumes of all the other things that people need care for, and this has come at a time when we’re still experiencing significant staffing pressures,” says Dr. Connelly. .

The situation is not unique to Middlemore but it is a real challenge, with staffing plans being reassessed daily.

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