McCarten backs Molloy mayor’s project

Photo: Leo Molloy’s Facebook.

Adam Gifford

Matt McCarten: McCarten backs Molloy mayoral project

Auckland mayoral candidate campaign manager Leo Molloy said the super city was ready for a non-politician in the role.

Matt McCarten ran Waipareira leader John Tamihere’s campaign in the last mayoral election and ran for himself in 2001.

He has also held positions in the Alliance and the Labor Party as well as in the trade unions.

He told Radio Waatea talkback host Shane Te Pou that he had known Mr Molloy for some time, and although they might seem on opposite ends of the political spectrum, he was impressed by the how the top restaurateur treats his staff, his behind-the-scenes charitable contributions to Maori and low-income causes and his vision for the town, particularly for the supply of rental accommodation.

“It’s going to have to be done on council land and it’s going to have to be done (with) partnerships. Our people, not just Maori but poor Pākehā, we need long term rentals in this town. He’s the only one with a very clear plan for this,” McCarten says.

He says Leo Molloy also has a plan for public transport, which is a critical issue for many low-income Aucklanders.

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