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Georgetown will become the regular home of a Central Kentucky radio show, which will feature local musicians from Kentucky and surrounding states.

Overtones LIVE, a division of Listen Locally, has found a permanent home in Georgetown at the Tipsy Cow Bar. What started this spring as a bi-monthly collaboration will become a weekly event on Thursdays starting in September. The show, hosted by Renee Collins Cobb and a weekly guest co-host, airs on radio stations in Kentucky, Texas and online.

Five years ago the production began as a studio recording, but there were limitations to recording live bands in small spaces. The production moved to the Lyric Theater in Lexington, then during the COVID pandemic they started experimenting with other formats.

“What it is now, and what it has become, is a live concert experience that people can come in and watch being filmed and recorded,” Collins Cobb said. “And then they can tune in a few weeks later on a variety of our radio stations to listen to the finished product. At that point, it becomes a podcast, and it also goes up on our YouTube channel. So he can kind of live in history forever.

“It’s an evolution that stems partly from a vision, but also from a necessity and an adaptation to the changing times we have faced over the years.”

Collins Cobb describes the program as a live concert part and an interview.

“During the show, you will see our artists perform the majority of their original work,” she said. “But with that comes a setup where they can describe the songwriting process that they use, we also have an interview part where they kind of explain what the music does for them.”

“The cool thing about Overtones is that they come in and do an interview,” said Andrew Hill, co-owner of Tipsy Cow. “They’re sort of masters of ceremonies, like the host of the show. And then they released it on all the different social media and on radio shows and stations. And these are things that we simply wouldn’t have done on our own. This partnership has given us these opportunities to discover different ways to bring this talent to more people.

Tipsy Cow, located in the Outlet Center, already offered a series of acoustic music concerts on Thursday nights, but the bar’s owners said the collaboration with Overtones LIVE has broadened their network of musicians and patrons.

“Overtones has provided us with a new, different avenue of musicians and type of music that we didn’t have before,” said founder and co-owner Scottie Williams. “They brought in new artists, different timelines than what we’re used to. And they brought a whole new crowd to our workplace for this music. It actually opened up more local things for Georgetown, in the community.

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Co-owner Erin Hill said one of their goals is to bring live music events to Georgetown so people don’t have to travel to Lexington or Louisville.

“The awareness we’ve gotten and the feedback we’ve gotten from community members in particular is wonderful,” Hill said. “With me personally, I’ve just formed so many wonderful friendships and relationships. It’s been great.

“Georgetown has been a very good home for us,” Collins Cobb said. “The people of Georgetown who have visited our show have been very appreciative and very supportive, and provide a fantastic energy here for the artists to be on this beautiful stage every week…And that’s why we can draw from a lot of parts of the show. ‘state that’s not very far away for artists, so it allows us to expand our reach…we can pull from the Cincinnati area, for example, northern Kentucky, we can pull from Louisville quite easily.

The show has been successful in helping local artists gain national exposure by providing them with professional production they can use to promote their careers and through an increased presence on the awards circuit, said Collins Cobb.

“We have also been very active in submitting applications for local artists who have been part of our show,” she said. “In January, we received the Critics Choice award at the Lexington Music Awards… In addition, the sound engineers who have been on our show recently won the Appalachian Arts Entertainment Awards. And now we have several of our artists who have been nominated for the more nationally recognized Josie Music Awards taking place at the Grand Ole Opry Theater in October.

“So not only are we going as nominees, but we’re really going there to support and enjoy the success the artists have had through their presence on Overtones LIVE.

“We work together. And that’s literally what we do. We work with many people in concert and in concert to bring the best of what Kentucky has to offer to music fans, to a wider audience.

For more information on Overtones LIVE, follow them on Facebook or visit overtoneslive.com.

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