Lewisham friends launch dream of childhood radio station

A ‘dream has come true’ for a Lewisham man and his childhood friend after they relaunched their own radio station late last year.

Jon O’Leary and Tom Marley, both from Lewisham, relaunched their radio station in December 2021 called Select Radio.

Jon, 38, told the News Shopper they dream of “one day” creating their own radio station that would reach listeners in “all corners of the world”.

Select Radio

He said their dream started when they were just teenagers as they grew up around DJs who loved music.

Select Radio was officially a pirate radio station in 2003.

They then obtained a radio license from Ofcom in May 2020, which allowed them to relaunch from December 2021.

News buyer: select the radioSelect Radio

They then decide to set up their own team and open a radio studio in Southwark.

The radio station focuses on house and electronic music which is broadcast throughout London.

Jon said their goal was to connect with the younger generation through their music.

He explained: “Our goal is to reach 18-22 year olds to reach their generation and get them to listen to us.

“As we got older we also started to develop an understanding of music, we knew we had to start somewhere.

“In 2002, Tom and I decided to have fun with music by playing house and garage music for other people.”

News buyer: select the radioSelect Radio

Jon told the News Shopper that their dream “became bigger than they ever expected” after opening their studio.

He added: “We have now developed a team in a studio in Southwark where there are nine of us.

“We also have over 65 DJs and guests from all over the world.

“It’s unreal to see now that a small dream has become this huge team.”

Jon said they want to give back to the community that listens to them by hosting charity events in the future.

He explained: “We will be holding charity events at Hope and Anchor in Brixton.

“We hope to work with the mental health charity, Mind by organizing events for them.

“We know a lot of people in the mental health industry.

“It’s something we’re very passionate about.”

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