Impact 89FM wins Pinnacle Award for College Radio Station of the Year

Impact 89FM received the Pinnacle Award for College Radio Station of the Year 2021 from the College Media Association.

The station has been recognized as Michigan College’s Radio Station of the Year 17 times over the past 20 years, this year included, but this is the first time it has won this national award.

“So it just shows that we are really competing at a high level. We do things that are innovative. We make sure we reach our audience, ”said CEO Jeremy Whiting.

Some Impact 89FM students say they are grateful to be recognized for the work they have accomplished over the past year.

“It was truly gratifying to be recognized as the National Radio Station of the Year,” said Luke Sloan, Director of Journalism and Director of Impact Sports. “Especially to be able to do it in the event of a pandemic. I think that says a lot about the kind of people we have.

According to MSU Today, Individual Impact students have also been recognized nationally for their work. Sloan won third place for Best Sports Audio Broadcast. Sophie Elrick, Ally Beshouri and Dylan Gray received Honorable Mention in the Best Online Advertising category.

“It was great to be recognized,” Sloan said. “But, I wouldn’t be able to do something like this without the support system, the people around me. It all depends on them. I give them thanks.

Impact 89FM is MSU’s student-run radio station and media organization. It operates primarily as an independent alternative radio station, but it also produces content for sports broadcasting, music criticism, editorial coverage, local coverage, audio production, and advocacy work.

“We wear a lot of different hats,” station manager George McNeill said. “So a lot of what we do is driven by student interests and passions. “

Impact 89FM has a long history of breaking down barriers – in the 1990s, the station was one of the few student-run radio stations to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; in 2004, the Impact was the first college radio station run by students to broadcast in HD.

Therefore, the station also has a long history of unprecedented recognition – Since 2001, Impact has won 15 University Radio Station of the Year awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and Broadcast Music Inc. The station has also been nominated. and nationally recognized by groups such as CMJ Music Marathon, College Broadcasters, INC. and MTVU.

The staff of Impact 89FM attribute their success to their ability to adapt from a simple FM radio station to a multimedia platform.

“This award is truly a testament to the dedication, the sacrifice of the collaborative spirit that exists within our staff,” said McNeill. “We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about who we are as a resort, what our values ​​are, what we want to be and how we want to do it. So I’m really grateful for the leadership and resilience that our staff has demonstrated over the past two years and earlier to make this award a reality. “

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