“I won’t honor your guarantee, so I’ll tell the story on the biggest morning radio show in the state”

Chances are you’ve donated the “Why is our world so materialistic?” set. question a thought at least once or twice, and to some extent the answer is self-explanatory.

Everything we want to achieve or do in life requires a certain amount of money that we have to pay: a roof over our heads, visits to the doctor, food, water, education, happiness and success – all of this has a price.

The system has been like this for thousands of years, and it’s relatively easy to get caught up in the idea of ​​”things.”

Many nowadays prioritize material possessions and money, earning them the title of selfish; However, you can’t really blame them, because we live in a society that only works if people keep spending.

That said, striving for a little more in your pocket shouldn’t put aside your basic human empathy. We all have so much going on in our lives that it’s just pitiful to treat others like doormats, knowing full well that the same heartache, misery or pain could hit you tomorrow.

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Being kind doesn’t cost anything, but it could mean the world to someone else

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I won’t honor your warranty, so I’ll tell the story on the state’s biggest morning radio show.— this online user took to one of Reddit’s most vengeful communities to tell its members a satisfying story about a greedy tire shop manager. The post managed to receive 6.5,000 upvotes, along with 168 comments discussing the situation.

A man calls a local radio station to get revenge on a tire shop manager who failed to honor his late friend’s warranty

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The netizen started his post by saying that the story happened a while ago. He had a boyfriend who sadly passed away due to a motorcycle accident, and as a result his family had opened up their home to his out of town family while everyone was trying to take care of all the formalities that accompany the sudden death of someone. .

OP pal’s wife who recently died in a motorcycle accident needed new tires

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It was almost winter and the late friend’s wife’s car needed a tire change. The OP’s father wondered if he could take care of them, and without a single thought the man headed to the woman’s house to change them – however, he quickly noticed that one of the tires were defective. The PO looked up the paperwork and found the tires were less than a year old, so he took the faulty tire to the store they were purchased from.

The thing is, the tire store is very well known and has several stores across the state, and the motorcycle accident happened right at the intersection where it is located. The accident was so severe that the store had to be closed for the duration of the on-site investigation because no one could enter or exit the store’s parking lot.

While changing the tyres, the OP noticed that one of them was faulty, so he headed to the store where they were originally purchased

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So when the man arrived, he immediately asked the manager. He gave her an overview of what had happened and who he was there to help, and handed her all the necessary paperwork before asking her to take care of it. The PO also mentioned that he would pay a fee, but he knew the tire was defective and was under warranty.

The manager’s response surprised the author of the message; he said he wouldn’t do anything (yes, red flag alert) because the OP’s name was not on the papers and only the deceased could claim the guarantee. The guy made an effort to keep his cool and questioned the sincerity of the store manager, given that the man had died less than a week earlier right outside his store – however, he received the same answer.

He gave the store manager an overview of what had happened and who he was there for – however, the man said he ‘wouldn’t do anything’

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Needless to say the OP was beyond angry. He looked him straight in the eye, ripped the papers off the counter and said he would regret it because he has a really big mouth and would tell everyone he knows.

First, he took the tire and drove across town to another store. The owner was there when the man entered, and after a brief discussion of the accident, the OP went on to explain that he was trying to replace a faulty tire. The man said he was more than willing to buy new tires to maintain balance, as the store did not carry that specific brand.

Needless to say the OP was furious and said the manager would regret it

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Several days later, the PO got a call from the store saying the new tires had arrived. He headed to the store and instead of two tires, the owner had ordered four. The workers mounted, balanced and installed them and did it completely for free, claiming they just wanted to help the widow. Those words resonated with the OP, as the owner didn’t know him or who his friend was, but he chose to help – and he said it was “awesome”.

He went to another tire store and did everything for free, because the owner wanted to help the widow.

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Now, as per his promise, the OP opened his mouth, and he opened it wide. He dialed the local radio number; the program was highly rated and broadcast statewide. He recounted the entire incident, including the other man’s rejection and generosity. The story was first told off-air, but when the hosts learned about it, they decided to discuss it live.

The author of the message was very touched, and in keeping with his promise, he told everyone, including their local radio station

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There was only one name used, and that was the good guy’s name. The greedy manager of the first store was given a unique description; however, it was still very easy to discern. Shortly after the radio mention, the PO’s buddy told him that the manager had been fired for fraud.

Shortly after the show, the man discovered that the greedy store manager had been sacked for fraud because he would set policies as he pleased.

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Ultimately, he was making company policies the way he saw fit, and because of the broadcast, there was some clarification of management authority within the company, so the whole situation was quite embarrassing for them as a whole. The post’s author concluded his story by saying that while he never really expected anything to happen, the way things turned out was “glorious.”

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