Hotel extension, affordable homes and new radio station among Cornwall’s latest projects

Every week dozens of planning applications are submitted to Cornwall Council, from conversions and demolitions to new businesses and housing.

Most of them are small and relate to things like new skylights or trees that need to be cut down.

But large-scale housing programs and infrastructure projects are also following the same path.

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Below are four planning requests submitted to the local authority over the past week that you may need to be aware of.

All of these applications are pending a decision.

Nursing home

This is a pre-application for the demolition of an existing hospital, an annex building and a greenhouse for the construction of a new rest home with 48 rooms and six apartments for the over 55 years.

This is for the old Trengweath Hospital in Redruth.

Plans also include refurbishing and extending Trengweath House as a specialist care unit and refurbishing Trengweath Cottage as staff accommodation.

The pre-application was submitted by Vision Architects on behalf of Amicura Redruth Ltd.

Pre-application PA22/00013/PREAPP will be reviewed by Cornwall Council by Tuesday 22nd February.

Affordable housing estate

Construction plans for 48 affordable homes in St Austell

This is a planning application for a residential development of 48 affordable homes, the formation of access from Treverbyn Road and other associated works (including the demolition of existing buildings).

This is for land to the west of Evergreen Cottages, Treverbyn Road, St Austell, which is currently pasture.

The application was submitted by Collier Planning on behalf of Gilbert & Goode Ltd.

The development would have 96 parking spaces.

There would be eight one-bedroom houses, 12 two-bedroom houses, 11 three-bedroom houses and three four-bedroom houses for rent. There would also be six two-bedroom houses, seven three-bedroom houses and one four-bedroom house to buy.

The planning application PA21/12757 will be examined by Wednesday 13 April.

New community café and radio station

Plans for a community cafe and <a class=radio station in Falmouth” content=””/>
Plans for a community cafe and radio station in Falmouth

This is a planning application for the revitalization of the lodge at Kimberley Park in Falmouth as a new community cafe and radio station with studios and training facilities.

It was submitted by Hormann Architects on behalf of Falmouth City Council.

The request reads: “The proposal is to revive the lodge at Kimberley Park for the use of the people of Falmouth, as intended by the Earl of Kimberley in May 1877.

“The lodge prominently marks the entrance to the park and, with the proposed extension, would house a communal cafe and communal studios and training facilities for a local radio station.

“The revival of the Kimberley Lodge is meant to create a community center within the park. It is meant to contribute to the park, making it even more attractive to visitors. This should be seen in conjunction with the recently completed bandstand.

“Using the lodge as a cafe and radio station will make this area of ​​the park more frequently used and therefore provide more security and control. It is very important that the Kimberley Lodge and rear extension is used to train the local population. .”

Planning application PA21/12774 will be considered by Cornwall Council by Wednesday March 9th.

Hotel expansion

This is a planning application for alterations and extension to the Hannafore Point Hotel in Looe.

The application was submitted by Bartram Deakin Associates on behalf of the hotel.

It reads: ‘The hotel is a long established building offering accommodation, restaurant and leisure facilities and is open twelve months of the year. The hotel suffers from a variety of levels of floor which are completely incompatible with its use for disabled and less ambient customers and the current demand is to modify the floor levels accordingly.

“Work is underway to provide a passenger lift (PA application 19/10838) from street level to hotel reception, but once at this level guests face steps down to the restaurant, then to a terrace Another stair entrance is available at the north end of the terrace The proposal is to lower the ground level of the restaurant by 400mm to the same level as the reception area and to raise the terrace of 600 mm to overcome the problems described above. At the same time, an extension to the resident’s lounge and terrace will provide improved facilities for guests. The external building materials will be as-existing and will not detract from the image of building in Looe Conservation Area.

Planning application PA21/12456 will be considered by Cornwall Council by Tuesday March 8th.

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