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Adam Gifford

Siouxsie Wiles – Hard Learned Mask Lesson

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Learn your lessons and wear a mask.

Learn your lessons and wear a mask.

That’s the message from microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles as the government rolls out additional measures to help fight the second wave of Omicron, including expanding access to free RATs and masks and providing schools with mask supplies and more support for ventilation and heating costs in winter.

Dr. Wiles says these measures, along with expanding access to antiviral drugs that can help keep high-risk people out of hospital, will be important to keeping the healthcare system functioning through the winter.

She says there is too much misinformation about whether wearing a mask is dangerous or ineffective.

“They are clearly not dangerous and they really work. We just got data looking at some of the schools in New Zealand that kept their mask mandates and they had far fewer staff illnesses and illnesses than the schools that said it was okay not to have them. wear that if you wanted to wear so we know they work, but there are a lot of people who object to that. said Dr. Wiles.

She says people only seem to wear masks when there are mandates in place, but they have to do the right thing.

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