Green Bay Packers fan trolls Detroit Lions on Grand Rapids radio station

Jeff Kresnak, 59, is a businessman who has used radio commercials in the most unusual way.

According to a recent Detroit News article, Kresnak arranged to pay for commercials that criticized the Detroit Lions.

While it is quite common for fans, media, and football fans to joke about the Lions’ story of futility, it is certainly not common for negative radio commercials to be shown on stations affiliated with their. play-by-play network.

Here is an example of one of the Kresnak spots that was broadcast live.

“Hello West Michigan, this is Jeff Kresnak, president of Superior Asphalt,” the commercial read. “I am deeply sorry to inform you that the Detroit Lions will have another disastrous season.

“It took 12 seasons for the Detroit Lions to realize that Matthew Stafford was overpaid and couldn’t get them to the top. At Superior Asphalt, we’ve been at the top for 38 consecutive years. We are the champions of the asphalt industry.

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Use of the trademark “Lions” in advertisements caught the attention of an organization staff member, and the issue was resolved, with a “clown whistle” sound effect replacing the word Lions .

This is not limited to radio commercials for Kresnak, a Packers fan, as he also allegedly created a Facebook group to promote the boycott of the Lions franchise.

“I would like to see the organization well run basically. I would like to see the team qualify for the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl,” Kresnak said.

But for now, negative ads will continue to run in Grand Rapids.

“They are the most pathetic Lions team I have seen playing football.”

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