Find your perfect Burst Radio show

Heard of Burst Radio but not sure where to start?

Burst Radio is the University of Bristol’s award-winning student radio station and celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

It airs from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every weekday, so it’s a guarantee that they’ll have something you’re looking for.

Below are just 10 of the 54 shows to tickle your fancy and give you a taste. Be sure to browse the @burstogram Instagram page and tune into Burst Radio to learn more and get involved.

Queer & There

(Tuesday 9pm-10pm)

“A radio show for queer people, by queer people”

This station has an abundance of radio segments depicting queer history in “Queerstory”, catching you up on the most important queer news events of the past week in “Queer & Now”, as well as explicit “Queer Tunes” and Queer Quiz. Tune into a warm, witty and ever so educational show every Tuesday night and feel a part of Bristol’s Queer community.

Aunt pain

burst radio

(Friday 2-3)

Everyone knows that “coaches don’t play”.

Join Sophie McGuire and Imo Rogers for an “agony aunt” style talk show where listeners can anonymously write to the show on Instagram @painintheaunts. They’ll provide global, sisterly, and downright hilarious advice, as well as their own salacious stories. Do yourself a favor and make your Friday afternoons laugh.


(Monday 12-1)

Wow, we have an exciting Bristolian slot for you. Join Joe Checkley every Monday lunchtime for a show that discusses and debates the week’s top financial stories, mixed with an expert selection of electronic music.

A great way to hone your knowledge while keeping your credibility on the street is the perfect and undeniably unique listening.

Burst Sports Show

(Monday 6-7)

Back, due to high demand, for another year at Burst. The official “Heads of Sport” brings you a weekly roundup of all the sporting news and drama to listen to with your friends and cash.

This show is the perfect way to start the week, with a laugh and a conversation about the thing you love the most. Be sure to listen to their top ten increasingly absurd specials and get involved in the debate.

Earth Hour

(Sunday 8-9)

An essential program focusing on science and the environment, not to be missed. Along with an array of great music, interviews and talks, guests from the studio will be on the air to educate and inspire listeners to care for our natural world.

Whether it’s people working in research, conservation action or developing new technologies, the first step to fighting climate change and protecting our planet is to educate yourself. Tune in every Sunday night and support action against one of the most important issues facing us today.


burst radio

(Thursday 12-1)

Music lover? Still looking for the next new sound? This is the show for you.

Let Sam Saigal bring you a taste of the music Australia has to offer (as a student during his year abroad, you can be sure he has the insight to do just that). Invite your friends over to catch a cold, imagine yourself in the bush and leave Bristol in the rain behind for an hour every Thursday.

Movie Soc

(Wednesday 5-6)

For all movie lovers.

As part of our Burst Society Scheme this year, FilmSoc has worked with us to bring you a more immersive side to radio. Discuss their films screened each week alongside the soundtrack, as well as interviews, discussions of upcoming releases, and industry professionals coming to chat.

Even better, the slot is open to all Filmsoc/Burst Radio members to register and get involved by applying for the week of their choice.

Spotlight on Dramsoc X

burst radio

(Tuesday 7-8)

DramSoc & Spotlights combine forces with our ‘Burst Society Scheme’ for a show that should tick all the boxes for any of Bristol’s aspiring comedians. The sky’s the limit for this show, featuring play readings, interviews, live rehearsals, open mics/lyrics, live rehearsals and more.

It’s a great way to catch up on all things Dramsoc X Spotlights, and the tracks will be perfect for the pre-La Rocca meadows. Tune in every Tuesday night or try your luck and sign up to make your own slot.

Draw with me

(Friday 9-10)

A warm and relaxing interactive show for anyone who just wants to unwind on a Friday night after a long week at work. It’s hosted by Alice Williams and Fiona Morfill, small-town freshmen transitioning to college life in the city.

There will be music, conversations and encouragement to get creative and even the ability to share what you’ve drawn if you wish. This show is a warm embrace for anyone new to Bristol or in the mood for some healthy fun.

The good bits

burst radio

(Sunday 4-5)

Usually, when you imagine a news show, you imagine scaremongering headlines, gruesome politicians, and increasingly gruesome predictions for the future. However, with our nation in the throes of a mental health crisis, this show takes a stand and turns your idea of ​​current events upside down, aptly delivering all the “good bits” to you.

In addition to serotonin-boosting songs, spend an hour every Sunday afternoon finding out what’s been going well in the world, feeling inspired, and smiling.

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