Community radio inaugurated in Kargil by the army

Srinagar, Sep 5 (IANS): The RGAZOM 90.8 MHz community radio station was inaugurated in Kargil by the Commander of the Corps of Fire and Fury, Lt. Gen. Anindya Sengupta on Monday.

“RGAZOM 90.8 MHz is the first Community Radio Station (CRS) in the Union Territory of Ladakh and will fulfill the long-desired aspirations of the local people,” an army statement said.

The radio station will cover Kargil, the second largest city in Ladakh, and its surrounding villages and will reach nearly 40,000 citizens. The community radio station (CRS) is operated by local staff.A

Community Radio Station (CRS) services started in India in 2004 and provides cheap and easily accessible platform to share and promote knowledge, culture, awareness according to particular community like development rural areas, hygiene and sanitation, and women and youth empowerment programs. .

A number of CRS are already run by the Goodwill Army Schools in Jammu and Kashmir, as part of their community outreach programme. RGAZOM 90.8 MHz, however, is the first of its kind in Ladakh and strives to meet the demands and aspirations of the local Kargil community, the military said.

“Four more CRS have been planned in Ladakh and will start broadcasting services in the near future,” he added.

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