Ben Fordham champions the next generation of radio workers

Since it started at 2GB, Ben Fordham has quietly given opportunities to the next generation of radio presenters, producers and journalists.

He pulled a sofa out of his office and asked for another desk, so kids with work experience could come work with his show to develop their talent and find out if radio was a career for them.

Ben is knowledgeable about work experience programs, he started his career doing a work experience at 2UE.

At this weekend’s ACRA, he was the first to go backstage to plant the photo wall and congratulate some of those who started their careers on his show.

“I have a big work experience program and a lot of these winners came from a work experience program that I designed…2GB didn’t have one when I started…

“That’s how I started, that’s why I decided to do it.”

Spirowho won Best Newcomer at this year’s ACRAs, was Ben’s first point of contact when he started breakfast and is now part of the production team at 2GB Breakfast… “He started work for us the day after high school,” Fordham said. radioInfo.

“I finished school and got a job with Ben at 2 Go… If you put in the hours and effort and are surrounded by good people you can be successful I am indebted to those at the station that surround me.”

Mitch Churi was also a work experience student and Ben put him on the air, at the end of the segment telling the listeners, “remember the name Mitch Churi”

“Being on the air has changed my life… winning is amazing.

“I was Ben’s work experience kid about 15 years ago, he was great with me, called me every step of the way and gave me great advice.”

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