Arts Center Melbourne partners with Indigenous radio station 3KND Kool ‘N’ Deadly

Arts Center Melbourne is delighted to announce its new media partner, Melbourne’s only Indigenous radio station, 3KND Kool ‘N’ Deadly.

Gerry “GMan” Lyons, Managing Director of 3KND:

This partnership was born out of mutual respect and truth-telling conversations over a two-year period. 3KND commends the Board of Directors and former CEO Claire Spencer for their desire to listen and make changes that will open doors for emerging Indigenous artists, creating opportunities to learn valuable skills from a team professional from the Arts Center Melbourne. 3KND is delighted to be part of such a prestigious organization with international connections and strong leadership. Finally, we commend its interim CEO, Leanne Lawrence, for cementing this partnership as we take a step towards a strong future for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Arts Center Melbourne began working with 3KND through Asia TOPA in 2020 and when the pandemic hit partnered with the station, Vic NAIDOC, Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organization (VACCHO) and the Victorian Government to host a special event Vic NAIDOC to connect people for a time of complete disconnection.

Leanne Lawrence, Acting CEO of Melbourne Arts Centre:

When I think back to when we first started working with 3KND, it became clear that we were laying a solid foundation for how we were going to work together in the future. Partnering with 3KND has been and will continue to be a transformative experience for Arts Center Melbourne as we create experiences that reflect our values ​​and the many voices of our community.

This new partnership builds on the relationship between Arts Center Melbourne and 3KND as media partners for the 2021 and 2022 Live at the Bowl seasons, with a shared goal of creating opportunities for communities and audiences to engage with Arts Center Melbourne, both on and beyond the stage. . With the combined resources and knowledge of both organisations, 3KND and Arts Center Melbourne will work closely together to achieve this goal.

Arts Center Melbourne’s partnership with 3KND reflects its continued commitment as a place to come together for all Victorians – a place to linger, a place where conversations thrive and a place where the arts are freely expressed.

Arts Center Melbourne is committed to listening and learning as we work with and reach communities and new audiences; substantial, genuine and lasting change; working with First Nations people like 3KND as they guide us through this journey and beyond; and seize opportunities as they arise.

Arts Center Melbourne and 3KND have a shared commitment to continuous learning from each other.

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