Amélie Lens launches a new radio show

Amélie Lens launches her first radio show ‘Amélie Lens presents EXHALE’

Amelie Lens presents her first radio show and says she is ‘happy to be able to reach you anywhere in the world with my music

Amélie Lens had an enviable run and her determination and focus won’t let her slow down. EXHALE is the label of the Belgian techno star but also the brand behind his events, his merchandising line and his new projects. This time, Amélie takes her EXHALE into the radio field to launch her first radio show. “Amelie Lens presents EXHALE” is the name of her weekly global radio show which promises to be a living showcase of the best in techno. This show is sure to make Monday no longer the bluest day of the week.

‘Amelie Lens presents EXHALE’ is produced and syndicated by The radio department and will reach several stations around the world, already having several international partners such as SiriusXM (USA, Canada), Radio FG (France), future generation (Turkey), among others. From now on you can listen to a new episode of this radio show

every Monday at 11 a.m. CET, available on the new free streaming platform Keakie. Scheduled to last about an hour, this segment is intended as an offer to Amélie fans and all listeners of handpicked tracks, selected and mixed by her. About this new adventure, Amélie Lens says:

“I’m very happy to be hosting my own radio show and having the opportunity to share my favorite music with you every week. Especially in these times when travelling/touring isn’t that easy, I’m even happier to be able to reach you anywhere in the world with my music.’

On her radio show, Amélie will share the music of her favorite international artists of the moment, as well as older ones who have been important to her career. A few titles in his name will certainly not be missing either. Listen to the first episodes on exclusive streaming partner Keakie and don’t miss the next ones on FM or online.

Image credit: Sam Neill

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