After 30 years on the air, Ric Edelman launches a new radio show and a new podcast

GREAT FALLS, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ric Edelman, named six times in “The Heavy Hundred” by TALKERS magazine as one of America’s 100 Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts, launches THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FUTURE with Ric Edelman, a new nationally syndicated radio show debuting in 24 radio markets nationwide and on all major podcast platforms. The program replaces The Ric Edelman Show, that Edelman has hosted for the past 30 years.

Edelman’s new program will focus on what he calls “the five personal finance topics that matter most” today: longevity, retirement security, exponential technologies, digital assets, and health and The well-being. Using his trademark humor and unique delivery that makes complex topics easy to understand, Edelman will give listeners the education they need to help them succeed financially in the 2020s and beyond.

“I’m excited to launch my new show and podcast,” Edelman said. “Advancements in technology are disrupting all aspects of our lives, but also creating massive new investment opportunities. My mission is to help you learn how you can improve your wealth, health, and lifestyle for the rest of your life.

The first sponsors of the program are Edelman Financial Engines, Global X ETFs, Invesco, Bitwise Asset Management. Initial advertisers include Choice and other leading financial services companies.

“Edelman Financial Engines is proud to be a sponsor of THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FUTURE with Ric Edelman radio show to raise awareness of advances in technology, science and medicine and their profound impact on our personal finances,” said Jason Van de Loo, Executive Vice President and Head of Wealth Planning at Edelman Financial Engines.

Luis Berruga, CEO of Global X ETFs, said, “Ric Edelman’s reputation precedes him as a pioneer in the wealth management industry. THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FUTURE with Ric Edelman will demystify some of the key challenges facing investors today, including exponential technologies and retirement security. Given our focus on thematic growth and income solutions designed for the long term, we saw this partnership as a natural fit to advance our shared goal of helping our clients and audiences pursue their financial goals.

“Ric has an incredible ability to speak in plain English on the most complex and cutting-edge topics,” said Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer of Bitwise. “We are delighted to join THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FUTURE with Ric Edelman as a founding sponsor because it helps educate investors about the financial innovations that are reshaping our world – and how to profit from them over the long term.

Ryan Radloff, CEO of Choice, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Ric and supporting THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FUTURE with Ric Edelman. Ric will help educate millions of RIAs and retail investors across the country about bitcoin and how it will reshape the way we save, invest and plan for the future.

“Ric Edelman’s forward-thinking and commitment to helping investors succeed is rooted in a transparent, education-driven philosophy that aligns well with our purpose. We are pleased that Invesco and Invesco QQQ were able to support THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FUTURE with Ric Edelman and his thoughtful approach to demystifying many innovative areas of personal finance important to future financial success,” said John Hoffman, Head of Americas, ETFs and Index Strategies, Invesco. “We are confident that Ric’s ability to simplify the complicated and help investors make informed decisions going forward will impact all listeners”

THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR FUTURE with Ric Edelman will initially air in 24 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia. For a full list of affiliates, podcast platforms and airtimes, visit

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About Ric Edelman

Ric Edelman is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 10 books on personal finance. He has been ranked three times as the nation’s leading independent financial adviser by Barrons and founded the nation’s financial planning firm, which now serves 1.3 million clients and manages $300 billion in assets under management. Edelman is in both To research magazines and Barrons Financial Advisor Halls of Fame and recipient of the IARFC Lifetime Achievement Award. Investment Advisor, RIABiz and Investment News all named him one of the most influential people in the investment management profession. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of 10 books on personal finance with over one million copies in print in seven languages.

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