4 Ideas to Improve Your Radio Show (Part 2) by Todd Stach

In this two-part series, you may be inspired to approach your on-air shift differently and even consider some blind spots you may not be aware of. Check out part 1 if you missed it.


Great on-air talent sounds natural when voice-tracking or playing one-liners/promos. For some, it’s easy; but for others it is a learned skill. The same goes for knowing when to stop talking; the innate ability to leave the conversation at the right time.


It takes talent and practice to be successful in a live shift. Voice tracking is also an equally important learned art form.

You may struggle to sound too formal, scripted, or just plain uncomfortable at times. Part of the problem may be that the radio station‘s one-liners/promos include words you would never use in real life.

Also, if you struggle with a slower pace, consider “rushing” your voice tracking. Even though it sounds weird, it really seems to help a few other people I coach. Knowing what to say and how to say it is only half the battle; knowing when to come out of the break is another.


Imagine if you sit down in a fancy restaurant and the waiter throws everything you ordered in front of you all at once. Your hot food would turn cold and your cold food would turn hot. There’s a reason your journey through the menu begins with drinks, then salad and bread, your entree, and finally dessert and coffee.

The same goes for conversations on your show; know when to serve the necessary portions. I’m a big fan of giving the listener what they can handle and then leaving them wanting more.


Focus on improving in these 4 areas and you’ll likely gain more trust and build deeper relationships with listeners:

  1. Dubbing
  2. Preparation
  3. more natural sound
  4. Portion control

After spending more than 25 years in radio, Todd launched a coaching and consulting business, Beyond615.com, on March 15, 2021. There he strives to help others build their confidence so that they can connect on a deeper level. He is also the Contemporary Christian Format Editor at AllAccess.com. He and his family live in the (615) area code, aka the heart of the CCM industry.

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