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By Kacey Maldonado

Rider Radio107.7 The Bronc was again nationally recognized by receiving six nominations for the Intercollegiate Broadcast System Media Awards, according to a Jan. 14 college press release.

According to John Mozes, CEO of 107.7 The Broncthis is now the second national nomination the radio station as an organization has received.

Last fall, the radio station was already recognized for its work by the National Electronic Media Association (NBS-AERho).

Mozes expressed surprise at being recognized by the Intercollegiate Broadcast System Media Awards since it was the first time 107.7 The Bronc participated in the prestigious competition.

“It’s a big deal because it represents the consistency we provide to our students and listeners,” Mozes said.

Sean Harrington, a senior sports media specialist who does production work for The Bronc, is particularly proud of his nomination for ‘Best Sports Update’, as he never expected to be recognized for his work at the station.

Harrington, a transfer student, was quick to get involved in 107.7 The Bronc and has had great success since being admitted to Rider last year.

Harrington said he first joined the radio station to gain experience, but soon realized, “This is what I want to do with my life.”

Producer Tiffani Britton, a film and television graduate, was recognized for her contributions to ‘Best Station ID’ as well as ‘Best Promotional Series’.

Britton didn’t hesitate to join the radio station in its first year and has been a diligent member of the team ever since.

“I always knew 107.7 was a very special place,” Britton said.

Britton went on to emphasize the importance of “finding her place at Rider” and that by joining the radio station she was able to find her “home”.

Mozes said that although Rider is a small university, the station stands out from the other big schools featured in the competition.

“I think that says a lot about the quality of work we do,” Mozes said.

Mozes expressed that what defines 107.7 The Bronc Along with other college radio stations, the stipend for students interested in radio has the opportunity to get involved.

Mozes said, “We tap into their passion, tap into their creativity and give them an outlet.”

The Mozes process allows the station to branch out into the different types of ideas that are presented and organized to the student body.

The winners of the Intercollegiate Broadcast System Media Awards will be announced at the 82nd Annual IBS Conference on March 5.

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